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Author Topic: Review of the Chosen One SE  (Read 14741 times)
The Luminous Shadow
Knight Commander

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Be who you are and say what you feel

« Reply #30 on: August 15, 2015, 04:42:12 PM »

They're pretty nice.

"Excuse me sir, you've been driving quite erratically let me see your liscence"
*Pulls out humour licence*
"Pardon me your Excellency, sorry for the interruption please carry on."
BAM! Chosen One!(wait, what?) Humour licence! Tongue

I find some people's lack of humor . . .  disturbing. 

Knight Major

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Light or Dark Points? You choose!

« Reply #31 on: December 01, 2015, 04:16:46 AM »

Nicely written!

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Vanguard of the Archon Order
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[Give Light Side Points!]

« Reply #32 on: December 01, 2015, 05:23:41 AM »

Thank you SWF! Cheesy

Customized Flamberge/BR, Customized LostGray/HP or Tri-AS

Knight Apprentice

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« Reply #33 on: January 20, 2023, 05:03:35 AM »

I wonder what type of pommel would look good on a lightsaber hilt like that

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