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Author Topic: How We Can Make SWTOR Canon  (Read 1394 times)
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« on: November 26, 2016, 09:12:25 PM »

 It's an older game, but it checks out...
How We Can Make SWTOR Canon
  • Force all of the SWTOR content to be inserted into the Canon section of Wookieepedia. If enough people do it, it can not be stopped. If enough people debate about it, it will be done.
  • Petition to Disney, LucasFilm, and BioWare If enough people sign enough petitions: Disney will do it for the money, LucasArts will do it because Disney tells them to, and BioWare will do it for more players and publicity for their gun. In other words, they will all get more money if they do what we petition for.
  • Start using SWTOR content in conversations about canon. If we talk about canon with SWTOR influence on places like Reddit, here, blogposts, and YouTube videos, the general public will accept it as canon whether Disney likes it or not,
  • Spread the word about SWTOR The more people we can get to play SWTOR, the higher the chance of it becoming canon. The more blogs we make about SWTOR, the greater the chance of spreading the word. Et cetera. You know the drill. . .

 These steps could really be used to canonize any EU material, but some EU is confusing and- truthfully- kinda stupid. But SWTOR, and most anything in that time period, should be canonized because it does not influence anything in the time period of the movies Disney is making. I honestly believe we should start petitioning Wookieepedia mods to make SWTOR material canon. I understand it wouldn't actually make it canon, but it would be a huge step.

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