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Author Topic: Drongar Alpha  (Read 106825 times)
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« Reply #60 on: December 19, 2017, 04:00:18 PM »

:: Lieutenant Areta Viridux Duros Pilot/Intelligence Officer::
::AKA Jad DeBrek, captured transport owner/captain::
::Prison Building, Drongar Alpha:

Moments after the shot had rung out the Lieutenant Commander burst into the room.

"What the kark is going on in here?" He demanded as he glared at Areta and Saris.

Areta indicated towards the cabinet and the smoking monitor and blaster on the floor told their own story.
"Stowaway?" The Lietenant Comander remarked as he steped forward and gave the door of the cabinet a sharp hit with the but of his blaster.

"You in there, best bring your arse out before I fill this cabinet with holes.”

“Stowaway Huh?” Grinned Saris “I’m guessing you’ve been aboard a startship a bit too long.”

Areta did not appreciate the humour, “I saw a bit of white clothing Lieu… Kaberc, could have been a lab coat or a medical gown” the Duros said trying to keep any nervousness from his tone. This was his first mission of this kind and he had already had a blaster bolt miss his head by centimeters.

“Alright open up now or we fire!” The Lieutenant Commander demanded again.

With that there was a movement inside the cabinet and the door began to open. Areta shoved the barrel of his E-11 into the gap to prevent it closing again and Saris reached forward and wrenched the door open while Kaberc covered the pair.

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