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Author Topic: GCW Era T and P Character Sheets  (Read 1543 times)
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« on: February 10, 2017, 09:52:25 PM »



Character Information:

Home Planet:
Allegiance: (Rebel, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Civilian, Etc)
Rank: (if applicable) (also note if this is Navy or Army rank. When in doubt, check the Ranking System thread in the GCW section)

Physical Description:

Combat Training: (1 Expert Max, 3 Average Max, 3 Total Max)
Special Skills: (3 Skill Max)
Weaknesses: (2 Minimum)
Studied Interests: (2 Expert Studied Max, 4 Average Studied Max, 4 Total Max)

Weapons: (3 Max)
Equipment: (3 Max)
Special Possessions:

Background History: (2 Paragraphs)


Skills may be added to or trained up during game play with Mod approval. Weapons and Equipment may be added to during gameplay as well, with Mod approval.

This is the character sheet used in the main GCW game and can be found here as well: Galactic Civic War Characters

While this thread Helpful Hints for creating TOR T&P Characters is tailored to creating Padawan characters in the TOR era, it should be able to give you some hints when creating your GCW character. Please also look at character sheets in the GCW Characters thread as they will help guide you with the kind of information we want and what is/ isnít acceptable.

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« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2017, 03:03:12 PM »

Character Information:

Race: Human
Home Planet: Alderaan
Allegiance: Mercenary
Rank: None

Name: Ralen Yorul
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
5í 11Ē tall. Ebony black hair, blue eyes, small scar on the left side of his jaw bone, dark tanned skin. Muscular yet lithe and precise. Wears black pants, a dirty silver jacket, and a gray helmet with blue and black accents, and full visor. His somewhat difficult past shows on his face, and he doesnít smile much because he has no reason to. While being right handed, he carries his blaster on his left hip and shoots with his left hand so that he has his right hand is open.

Combat Training: Expert hand to hand combat. Average shot with blaster pistols. Average shot with blaster rifles.

Special Skills: Slicing (has had a natural ability for this, and has been intrigued by it from a very young age), Demolition, High level of pain tolerance (because of a run in with pirates where he almost died).

Weaknesses: Not a very good team member because it reminds him of his days as a Stormtrooper. Doesnít like to ask for help unless absolutely necessary. Doesnít know his limits (in terms of how far he can go before people will no longer tolerate his insubordination), and often disobeys authority (once he escaped the Death Star, he didnít want to have the feeling of constantly being watched by someone who is so powerful that he could kill him with a thought. This causes Ralen to stay away from authoritative figures as much as possible). Untrusting toward most aliens (this came as a result of a group of mixed alien pirates trying to rob and kill him and his squad of troopers while on an assignment, and take everything they owned, he has never gotten over the near death experience).

Studied Interests: Semi-fluently speaks two languages besides Galactic Basic (Mandoía, Huttese). Disguise and infiltration tactics. Successful haggling.

Weapons: Vibro-blade, modified DH-17 blaster pistol (modifications include: more power, and longer range of effectiveness). Also carries 2 Thermal Detonators (which is use only when he is in a tight spot and needs a quick escape).

Equipment: Grappling gun, Slicing kit, Utility belt (containing Medpac, food rations, ammunition clips and battery packs for pistol, and a commlink).

Special Possessions: Blue crystal with parentís names engraved on it, tied to string, and hung around his neck.

Background History:
   Ralen Yorul left his Father (a native of Alderaan) and mother (a Mandalorian teacher who left her home to be with his father before the Clone Wars), to join the Galactic Empire as a cadet when he was a boy. As his training advanced, he did as well. He exceled at hand to hand combat, and generally did much better than the other cadets when it came to weapons practice. His family and friends on Alderaan were thrilled that he chose to become a Stormtrooper, but after a few years, they came to realize that the Empire was evil. Before he left Alderaan to join the academy on Lothal, his parents gave him a blue gem. It was not worth much, but he kept it because it was the only thing they had given him before he left. During his time as a Stormtrooper, he was forced to do many things that he otherwise would not have done. But he always did it, because he was told that it was for the good of the Empire, and because he was fulfilling his dream of being a Stormtrooper and fighting for the Empire. During one mission where he was leading a squad of troopers to disband a group of pirates, his patrol was ambushed and he was hit by shrapnel. The shrapnel hit major nerve clusters, causing him to lose feeling certain areas. But he survived and made it back to his base. Because of his ruthlessness in getting the job done, and the fact that he never thought about the repercussions that might be caused towards civilians from his actions, the officers took notice of him, and saw his loyalty for the Empire, which soon allowed him to rise to the rank of Sergeant, and was providing security on the Death Star.

When the Death Star was completed, he watched as they brutally destroyed Alderaan. Although he was not in the main room watching as they destroyed his homeworld, he saw it from a different room. This was when it hit him. He realized that his parents (Garen and Jemma) as well as some of the others around him had been right. The Empire was evil, and they had to be brought to their knees. Shortly thereafter, he volunteered to act as security for a supply transport leaving the Death Star, but once they landed to gather the supplies, he snuck away. One of the other troopers followed him, so he killed the trooper and secured passage to Nar Shaddaa before the Empire realized what had happened. Knowing that he would most likely be recognized by other Imperials if he went back to Coruscant, he stayed for a time on Nar Shaddaa to fulfill some contracts and make enough money to go and fight the Empire.

Using his supplies and weapons that he had acquired there, as well as his knowledge of stealth tactics, he was able to take on more jobs as a mercenary, and also as an assassin. Only taking contracts that he knows would hurt the Empire, he fought them from the shadows. Contracts that usually involved stealing shipments from the Empire, or assassinating high ranking Imperial officials. Before leaving Nar Shaddaa, Ralen took the blue stone from his parents, and in memory of them and their sacrifice, he engraved the names of his parents onto the stone, and then tied it around his neck so as to never lose it. With all his debts and contracts paid, he left Nar Shaddaa to continue his fight against the Empire. During a mission with some smugglers, Ralenís ship was captured by another band of mercenaries that were working for the Empire, and all of the crew including himself were sent to prison camps to await death. But one of the mercenaries had taken all of Ralenís belongings before turning him in, barely missing the stone with his parentís names on it.


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