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Author Topic: Help with my character sheet?  (Read 8293 times)
Appius Wight
Knight Apprentice

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« on: March 31, 2018, 02:59:48 AM »

Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank Darth Severus for all the help that he has given me with my character sheet so far. He's gone above and beyond to give me feedback and I do appreciate it. That said he is a very busy individual as you can imagine and I feel particually bad for pestering him. So I thought I would ask the general RP community for feedback too if thats Ok?

So here is my character sheet so far.

Name: Appius Wight

Race: Human

Home Planet: Alderaan

Allegiance: Jedi Order

Rank: Jedi Knight

Specialization: Jedi Consular

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Physical description: Appius stands at 6ft4 and a half inches tall with a slender/skinny appearance. He has brown hair and deep blue eyes. He has a slight scar on his right cheek that he once got from a burn though it has mostly healed now. He suffered an illness at a young age and though he is cured now, there are a couple of scars surrounding his hands, back, and a big surgery scar above his left hip as well as just below his abdomen. He has access to his classic Jedi robes though he much prefers to wear black and has a set of black trousers with shirt and leather jacket that he likes to wear should he get the chance. Though mostly he will be seen in his Jedi robes.

Personality: Appius is a generally shy and reserved person, mostly due to his illness at a young age he was exposed to how vulnerable and mortal we all are. He had a fatal kidney disease that luckily was caught at the last second, though it took several surgeries in order to heal him though left him with permanent kidney damage on the left side of his body. Though this does not mean he is cold and distant. In fact he is very much warm and approachable and always offers an ear to speak into for those who need it. He just occasionally needs time alone to get himself focused and rested.  He is a very emotional and empathetic individual who acts more with his feelings than anything else and tries to live and act by the morals he believes in. despite being quite the introvert, is always up for a laugh and a joke with those he is comfortable with. He very much despises fighting and will try to avoid conflict, however there is nothing wrong with a good sparring match and is happy to participate in such events such as lightsaber training and gets very excited and excitable about the things he passionate about to the point of being childlike.

Combat training (And lightsaber forms for force users): Form 3 Soresu is his primary and best form, and has mastered it completely. Shi-Cho has been learned since its required before learning other forms. He has started learning form 2 Makashi as another option for disarmament if he needs it though this is only at a beginners level.

Skill Specialization: Jedi Seer

Standard force skills: Telekenisis which usually is combined with the meditation he undertakes as part of the Soresu philosophy which thanks to his training, he has become quite good with it.

Force Healing, A standard Jedi consular ability. He is able to mend flesh, repair bone even in the middle of battle.

Force Barrier. A defensive force power able to protect oneself from explosions and blaster fire (to a certain extent)

Enhanced force skills: Force Precognition, also known as battle meditation. Appius has an innate gift in being able to see and sense things seconds before they happen. He became a good point of reference for any disturbances in the force.

Force Vision, being highly sensitive to the force. He is able to see events into the future as well as the past though he has a hard time making any sense of them. They tend to be quite erratic, And his force abilities have been known to become quite violent during these visions (Chairs flying across rooms for example) Seeing places and people he has met and has yet to meet. Seeing the lives and deaths of allies. Joy, Sorrow, Love and anger. He is very attuned to his visions though requires further guidance at understanding them and controlling himself during them. This ability links well with his force precognition I believe.

Additional skills: Cooking, strangely for a Jedi. Hes by no means going to open a 5 star restaurant in the heart of Courascant but heís competent and knows how to cook properly and use seasoning and enjoys cooking for others when he gets the time.

Fluent in basic. The most common language in the galaxy as well as being taught and becoming fluent in Huttese (Makes sense to me since Consulars were essentially diplomats, they would have to learn another language I feel.) And is learning
Repair, Ever the fan of technology he self taught himself to repair basic equipment such as com links and remotes and even the occasional clunky droid. Donít get him wrong though, he is no mechanic or engineer and can only mend simple stuff. Though as part of his training he made his own lightsaber.

Weaknesses: Without the use of Force Augmentation and despite nearly being 6ft5 he is not the physically strongest of people. Even with Force Augmentation he cannot muster the same levels of physical strength  that a Jedi Guardian or Sentinel can. (Though with training this can be overcome.) This is why he loves form 3 as it has less an emphasis on physical strength and more on deflection and parries than meeting blows head on.
He suffers from a lack of confidence at times. Unsure sometimes in his decision making and due to his emotional sensitivity his feelings can be easily hurt. During his training when struggling with an aspect of lightsaber combat training or using the force he would get frustrated with himself and had to be reminded that Tython was not built in a day. He often needed reassurance and confidence building from his masters.

He is very emotional and as such this trait of his can be a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand it means despite his occasional lack of confidence when people he cares for are in danger he will be the first to step in and defend them. On the other hand when he gets mad he can become unpredictable. It takes a lot to get him mad but when heís there no-one should get in his way. A skilled manipulator can use this to their advantage however. Dun Moch would be quite effective.
Due to his kidney illness as a child he has to take extreme precautions. Such as under no circumstances should he become dehydrated as it becomes highly dangerous for him. He always carries a bottle of water with him just in case.

Studied interests: This is where im currently struggling. Im feeling like the languages should go here instead of in additional skills. On top of that Im not sure what qualifies as a studied interest as opposed to an additional skill.

Can someone explain it to me please? And thank you. Smiley


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