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Author Topic: Anyone else going to Dragon Con  (Read 2716 times)
Knight Lance Corporal

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« on: May 05, 2018, 08:30:14 PM »

 This will be my first con and I can't wait. Anyone else on here going?

Darth Umbrex
Knight Sergeant

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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 06:38:54 PM »

I'll be there

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Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

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Grey Assassin

« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2018, 06:55:41 PM »

Sadly not going this year but plan to do so for next year.

Knight Sergeant

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Lady Gray. I fix stuff.

« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2018, 11:24:07 AM »

I'm flying down from Portland for my first DragonCon this year. I'm no stranger to cons, but this is my first DC..  Hoping to hit up the Ultrasabers booth, maybe pick up a new saber while I'm there.


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Knight Commander

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Aw, crap.

« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2018, 01:04:47 PM »

I wish, maybe next year.

Knight Commander

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Give into your Anger...Give me "Darkside" points..

« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2018, 05:24:25 PM »

I will be there!  Only vacation I take each year...

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Force Sensitive

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« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2019, 08:20:41 AM »

Sure will.  Still working my Darth Caedus but as I am over 50 Soldier 76 is a no brainer too!

Darth Caedus

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