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Author Topic: 2019 TOR RPG Character Sheets  (Read 41766 times)
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« on: December 30, 2018, 09:17:32 AM »

The Old Republic Era Character Sheet Template


Note: All military characters would be expected to have completed basic training. All Force users would be expected to have completed basic training which includes a basic level of competence in abilities such as Force Throw, Force Push, Force Jump, Force Speed, Force Sense, and Force Revitalize.  Ones they take to more naturally would be the "Standard" skills.  If you want your character to have more than basic competence in an ability, it must be noted in the abilities sections.  These would be "Enhanced" skills if they are more gifted at them or are more complex than your average skills. If they are particularly weak in a skill/area, note it in the weaknesses section.

This first section will have just the headings to make it easy for you to copy and paste, then fill it out. The second part will contain explanations for how to complete the character sheet.




Home Planet:






Physical Description:


Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users):

Skill Specialization:


Standard Force Skills:

Enhanced Force Skills:


Special Skills:


Additional Skills:


Studied Interests:




Special Possessions:

Background History:


Name: Names should follow a non-Earth pattern, so avoid Steve or Sally, use Stev or Salle'. If you are really stuck, there are name generators available out there.

Race: No immortal, godling, or omnipotent types.

Home Planet: No made up planets, stick to Canon/Legends.

Allegiance:  This is the faction you are allied with. It could be Jedi/Republic, Sith/Empire, smuggler, bounty hunter, etc. If you are a freelancer, note whether you are neutral (will work for whoever is offering the credits) or are a Republic sympathizer or Empire sympathizer.

Rank:  If you are in the military, this is your rank.  If you are a Force User, this is your level of training eg Padawan/Apprentice, Knight/Sith, Master/Darth. If you are a freelancer then you will leave this blank, unless you serve on a ship and hold a rank there. NOTE: Masters and Darth ranks are by approval only, and are ranks reserved for players who have been involved with the RPGs for a long period of time or who are known by the GMs to be responsible, committed players. Keep in mind that in universe they are a rarer rank- in an army you don’t have ten generals and five regular soldiers do you? NOTE: freelancers having their own ship and calling themselves ‘captain’ will be by approval only.

Specialization: If you are in the military this would be your specialization training.  If you are a Force User, this is your chosen path eg Jedi Guardian/Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder. If you are a freelancer this will reflect your occupation, aka bounty hunter, smuggler, thief, assassin, general gun for hire, etc.

Age: Age should reflect experience and skill- we won’t accept 14 year old Knights/Lords!

Gender: Self explanatory Smiley

Physical Description: It is very important that you remember to fill out all aspects of this, as it is something that we regularly have to pick people up on when reviewing character sheets. The other players need to be able to create some picture in their mind of what your character looks like. Descriptors include: hair color and length/style; skin color; eye color; height/build (can include weight if you wish); distinguishing features eg scars, tattoos or implants/prosthesis (be descriptive!); clothing and/or armor including style and color. Remember to list all components of clothing or armor! If you don’t describe your pants then we will assume that you are not wearing any (obviously we don’t need descriptions of underwear however, but please no going commando AND pant-less! Tongue ) You can include a picture of what your clothing/armor looks like if you wish, please keep it ‘realistic’ to the era and your character’s profession and still provide a short description. It would reasonable to assume that a character who wears armor in battle would also have more casual clothing for regular wear- make sure you describe both eg for a Jedi Knight, this might be regular Jedi robes, as well as full armor. DO NOT just write something like ‘regular Jedi robes’- describe them (style and colors) and if you want you can provide a picture. Remember that this is set in TOR era so fashions are different to that in the prequel or original trilogy movies.

Personality: What is your characters personality, how do they behave in general or in certain situations? Make sure you include behavioral traits.

Combat Training (and Lightsaber forms for Force Users): 1 expert max, 3 average max, total varies based on rank and occupation and is negotiable. For Force Users this section will focus on lightsaber forms, for non-Force Users it is your abilities in combat, and to make it fair we will be a bit more lenient in this so that non-Force Users aren’t completely left behind by the Force Users in combat proficiency.
All Force Users must note their primary lightsaber form, plus any additional forms/ combat training. PLEASE NOTE: non- Force users cannot and will not be proficient in the use of a lightsaber and lightsaber forms! Force Users cannot and will not be proficient in all the forms UNLESS they are a Master/Darth and training to be a Battlemaster, and have been approved by the GM. This is a link to lightsaber combat and the forms are listed there: (click on the ‘Legends’ tab for more information.) It will be expected that all Force Users will know Shii-Cho, with Padawans and Apprentices learning to specialize in another form. Jedi/Sith would be expected to be proficient in at least Shii-Cho and one other form (choose based on your combat style and Force powers) and may be proficient in another form and/or learning others. It would be expected that Masters/Darths would be proficient in at least three forms.

Skill Specialization: Your overall skill focus eg combat, telekinesis, healing, mind powers/ mind control,  stealth assassination, battle/combat tactics, mechanic, etc. You can’t specialize in everything!

Standard Force Skills: Padawans/Acolytes - 3 maximum. Knights/Lords - 4 maximum. Masters/Darths - 5 maximum.

Enhanced Force Skills: Padawans/Acolytes - 2 maximum. Knights/Lords - 3 maximum. Masters/Darths- 5 maximum.

Force powers can be a funny thing, and we can help you in your selection of them. I would recommend going to this link to see a list of some (not all) Force Powers and how we treat them in the RPGs here Some Force Powers we treat as being ‘tiered’ or related and are listed in the first post on the linked thread- for example if you have the ability Force Wave filling a skill slot, then we will assume that you will also be equally (or more) proficient in Force Push and Force Blast. This is to make it more fair, since it seems silly to have to list all three when they are closely related and waste two skill slots! Some skills are a no go- we do not normally allow godlike power abilities. One example which is particularly popular for people to select is Shatterpoint- we typically just say no to this, going by the Legends use of the power it is an almost invincible beyond supernatural ability. Also keep in mind that your powers should reflect your character’s alliance- we will not typically allow Jedi to be running around with what are considered ‘Darkside’ powers!
In general, first think about what you want your character to be, what is their focus? For example, lightsaber combat. Then select skills that will compliment this, for example skills like speed, strength, jump, saber throw (keep in mind however that this is considered a bit more advanced, Padawans/Apprentices would not be expected to have it), lift/move/throw object. Then if you have extra slots, fill it with other skills that you’d like to have, but keep in mind that it has to be ‘reasonable’ for your character to have them. Feel free to go to this link to the old TOR character sheet thread to see examples of previous skills/specializations we have approved.

Special Skills: Non-Force users ONLY.  This is where our Non-Force users put their special skills that set them a cut above the rest of the normal people out there.  If your character is military or ex-military (with at least 10 years service) this might be the special forces training you had that makes you very good at something(usually combat related).  If your character is Mandalorian, this is where you'd put some Mando trained skills.  If you're an independent operator, perhaps you were part of a private security group at some point or a crime syndicate and learned some special skills.  If your character is 21 and under you get one special skill, 22-31 then you get two, if you're 32 or older you get 3 skills.

Additional Skills: 3 maximum, non-Force skills. What other skills do you have? This can include things like diplomacy, mechanics, spaceship piloting (you need to specify the class of spaceship), archaeology, flora and fauna, etc. Any hobbies that your character is very proficient at must be listed here.

Weaknesses: 2 minimum. No character is perfect, we all have flaws, and those flaws are what helps make an amazing character. Think of some that will suit your character. Maybe they have trust issues, insecurities around certain types of people or aliens. Do they have a fear of something? Are they particularly poor with some skills or abilities? Does their pride or stubbornness get them into trouble? These weaknesses need to be unrelated. If your character is human and you write “doesn’t trust aliens; doesn’t trust Twi’leks” well guess what, we will ask you to find another weakness.

Studied Interests: 2 expert studied maximum, 4 average studied maximum, 4 total maximum. Is your character learning a new skill that they are not yet proficient in but have an interest in? Does your character like cooking, or wood carving, or playing music? Do they like studying history? This is the place to list your hobbies that don’t really fall under “additional skills”.

Languages: what languages does your character knows, and what if their fluency in it? Is it a spoken fluency, or can they read/write it as well? Can they fluently communicate in it, or just know a few phrases, or just some insults? Basic is the most common language, and anyone who has lived in the Outer Rim or have a lot to do with aliens will possibly be at least somewhat proficient in Huttese and may know some Bocce or Durese if involved in trade (Bocce is an interplanetary trade language, so spacers would likely know a little bit of it, and as Duros were prominent spacers their language or at least phrases of it were known by others). There are plenty of other languages out there, often species specific, and if you want your character to be fluent in them then it would be expected that there is a good reason for it. That must be reflected in your character background. You wouldn’t be fluent in spoken Ryl/Twi’leki if you weren’t a Twi’lek or hadn’t spent a lot of time around them. Also keep in mind that some languages like Ryl have a spoken and non-spoken component (silent headtail talk) and it is nearly impossible for non- Twi’leks to be able to read or communicate in the silent language. For Empire and Sith characters, keep in mind that many were xenophobic towards alien species and thus wouldn’t be as likely to be multi-lingual diplomats, alien species (keep in mind that a Sith or Empire alien would receive some hate from their faction) or those who grew up in alien communities would be the exception.

Weapons: 3 maximum. More weapons allowed only with GM approval based on your character. Force Users must list their lightsaber here, and give some kind of description of it and note its blade color. If you have a weapon like a blaster, make sure that it is correct to the TOR era- not something from GCW, new Jedi Order or Resistance eras. These are some links to TOR era blaster weapons:

Equipment: 3 maximum- all Force Users would be expected to have “standard” issued equipment: food capsules, rebreather, commlink/holocommunicator which counts as one. Others would have similar equipment. You can fill the equipment slot as “standard equipment” but must still list in brackets the equipment. NOTE: equipment such as ships and droids would be by approval with GM only.

Special Possessions: Does your character have any trinkets, mementos, etc. Jedi typically don’t have possessions, but we allow you all to have a little something that is considered special to your character Smiley

Background History: 2 to 4 paragraphs. This is where you need to give a brief but detailed history of your character, starting from when they were a child and going through to present. As a Jedi the Sacking of Coruscant was a very pivotal moment, and you need to consider your Jedi’s age/rank at the time and where they were and how it affected them. For Sith this may also affect them, as it was a momentous win for the Empire.

Make sure your background reflects your characters skill set, their personality, languages known, etc. You don’t have to divulge all your character’s secrets here, but basically we need to see why your character is what they are.

NOTES: Skills may be added to or trained up during game play with mod approval. Weapons and equipment may be added to during gameplay as well, with Mod approval.

These further links can help you to complete your character sheet (each has further links within them):
Force Powers
The Galaxy At Large
New TOR Era Characters- this may help you by seeing what kinds of characters and abilities have been approved in the past.

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