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Author Topic: NON-SW RP: Werewolves.  (Read 627 times)
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« on: January 28, 2019, 01:59:09 PM »

A Breakdown of Werewolves.
Werewolves are, simply put,humans who can shift into wolves, or wolf-like creatures. They typically form packs, which are a bit cliquey, but generally most packs get along. Though pack feuds are not unheard of. They have other powers besides shape-shifting. Let's get into it.
The Pack: A werewolf pack will typically comprise all the werewolves within a given geographical area. Known as the pack's territory. Size varies greatly by area.
Territory:Territories were decided upon generations ago and haven't changed much at all. Packs are typically very territorial, and a strange wolf entering, uninvited is cause for alarm. How much will depend on a lot of factors, particularly the situation. What happens is usually at the Alpha's discretion.
Alphas: Alphas are the leaders, simply put. Most packs have two, a male and female. There's two ways to become alpha, the current alpha dies, or on rare occasions, steps down. A wolf can challenge the current alpha to a fight for alpha status. Winner is alpha. Females are permitted to challenge, however none have ever been successful. This fight is usually to the death, though it is winner's discretion. For instance, a long standing alpha with a good history may still garner enough respect from a challenger to be left alive. A surviving loser is shunned however, by law.
If an alpha dies outside of an alpha fight, or steps down, a successor is named by the alpha, of his choosing. The chosen party can be male or female. In the event an alpha dies without having chosen a successor, or is shunned, interested parties will fight. This fight is usually not to the death, though deaths are not unheard of. Losers are not typically shunned.

Alpha females are typically chosen by the alpha, as it's typically a    romantic/sexual relationship(no graphic details, please). Almost like a "First Lady" of a political office. They hold a lot of pull and respect, though it's typically not "official." If a female becomes alpha, a man can hold this position. Same sex relationships can also happen, though less common.

An alpha can force his pack members to shift by howling.
Pack Meetings and Runs: A pack meeting is scheduled once a month, during the night of the full moon, however an alpha can call a meeting at any time. The pack usually shifts and goes for a "run" after, especially on full moons, when shifting happens automatically. Meeting structure isn't set in stone. and varies by pack, alpha, and occasion.
A run is simply that. You shift into wolf form and run. Chase a friend, go hunting, whatever. Just don't do anything stupid. Can occur anytime, and include the whole pack, or just part of it. The monthly "full moon run" is a full pack event.

The Shift: Every full moon you shift automatically. This happens when the moon appears full to the earth. This is not necessarily at night. For instance the next full moon is 2/19/19 at 10:53 AM. It's probably best to take off from work and attend the pack meeting... that would make for one very awkward staff meeting.

Since this is a family forum, I'm not making it a gory and painful shift with bones breaking    and changing shape. It's very quick and more like magic. Your whole body tingles, and    you kinda "melt" into a wolf, or human if shifting back.
This clip from True Blood actually shows a werepanther shifting back to human, but it's about the only clip I can post without actual nudity, that illustrates what this would look like to an observer. I'm not imbedding it though, on purpose.

You can't shift clothing with you, since to be honest that makes more sense than taking your clothes with you. Clothing just won't survive the shift. It's PG-13 though. so again, no gory details. I'd suggest taking your clothes OFF, if possible, since you'll be naked when you shift back, and this way you have something to put on. Unless you want to run    around town naked, that's your prerogative I guess, but expect the same consequences as in real life.

If you die, or are severely injured while in wolf form, your body shifts back automatically to human form.

Powers and Abilities:
-Shapeshifting into a wolf. Shapeshifting excludes clothing. When you shift back, you’re naked, any clothes you’re wearing during the shift are destroyed. Because of this, most weres and shifters lack a nudity taboo and are comfortable with nudity. However you’re still subjected to the limitations of being naked in certain situations, such as stares and harsh reactions in public. I’d suggest removing your clothing before shifting, then you can simply come back there and have them handy before shifting back, or have another character carry them or something.

-Retains animal senses, even in human form.
-Enhanced strength and speed.
-Advanced healing abilities. Can heal most superficial wounds easily, however most serious wounds take a bit longer. (If it would be lethal to a normal human, it puts you out of commission for a while, or at least slows you down and weakens you significantly.) Healing powers don't work on silver wounds.

-Silver. Silver bullets can kill you. Not just in the heart, any shot that would be lethal is lethal. This applies to swords, daggers, knives, shotgun shells, etc. Any lethal weapon made of silver has a potential to be lethal. Silver also has the ability to “block” your powers. So if you get shot in a non lethal way, you can’t use your powers until the bullet is removed. If you’re detained in silver handcuffs, rope, chain, etc, no powers.
Weres have a severe reaction to silver. It burns, it hurts. Even simply touching it. Just keep this in mind while playing.(Remember what happened to the vampires in True Blood with silver? That’s exactly what I mean.)

-Head trauma: Severe head trauma is lethal, just as it is to humans. If it would kill you, it kills your character.

-Fire. If you get lit on fire you die, just like in real life. RL rules apply.

-Other weres have the ability to do damage in a fight, even kill you. You’re on equal footing, so just like a fight in real life at that point.

-You are forced to shift and stay in animal form, during the first 24 hours the full moon.


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