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Author Topic: NON-SW RP: Other Werebeasts  (Read 632 times)
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« on: January 28, 2019, 02:20:40 PM »

I'm making this short and sweet, here's the thread on werewolves. Pretty much everything applies.

"What do you mean by 'werebeast?' "

I'm glad you asked! A werebeast is a human that can turn into a specific animal, or "beast." How is that different from a werewolf, you ask? It isn't, a werewolf is a type of werebeast, but it is not the only type. Big cats, bears, cougars, birds, dogs, cats(as in the "house" variety), foxes, badgers, bobcats, and lynx all have were versions. Those are the more common ones, including wolves of course.

The only rule here, for our purposes, is nothing extinct or very large. The only exception is a werehamster, they're Godzilla sized for some reason. Tongue
So, no Karen, you cannot be a T-Rex for you. Also I'm kidding about the werehamster, that's not a thing.

Most of the above aren't pack animals, and don't necessarily form groups. But they're also part human, and humans do do that, so have at it. Create a pride of werecats, a flock of werebirds, a herd of weredeer(or cows but that's probably not as fun. Tongue), whatever. Just follow the guidlines on the werewolf page and apply it to a school of fish or something.


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