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Author Topic: NON-SW RP: Shape-shifters.  (Read 477 times)
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« on: January 28, 2019, 03:01:51 PM »

Humans who have the ability to shapeshift into other animals, and sometimes other humans. So yes, you can totally shape-shift into your Great-Aunt Edna... if you want to be creepy. They differ from weres in that they aren’t limited to one animal, and their forms aren’t determined by genetics. They "acquire" forms by touch. (You can not change into another supernatural creature. If you turn into a vampire, you don’t get their powers, only that individuals appearance.)

For this game, you get a maximum of FIVE "morphs." (Let's be honest, your basically just Animorphs. Tongue) Once you have five, you can totally "acquire" more, you just have to "forget" one. You can pick any living creature(remember, you need to touch it), that your character would reasonably have access to. So mostly things common to the setting, at least to start with. It's not easy to touch an elephant, unless you live in Africa, India, or someplace with a native elephant population. You start with one animal, and will have to acquire the others in story.

You can pick any five animals you want that fit that criteria, but I do advise you to make it somewhat versatile. Sure, you can be five different breeds of dog, but that's not super versatile, is it? You're kind of limited to only what dogs and humans can do.

All shifters have a "Go To" shift. This is one that you feel comfortable in and tend to default to, unless one of your others is clearly better for a situation. Personally I'd keep it something larger and somewhat versatile, like a dog or something, but you do you. This would probably be an animal that your character has an affinity for. On the full moon you will "auto-shift" into this, unless you're already in another form.

Powers and abilities:
-Shapeshifting into animals or other humans. In order to shift into something, you must be able to touch it for at least 30 seconds. This “acquires it” for you, after which you can shift into it whenever.
You may only have a maximum of five shifts at a time. You can acquire more, but you must choose one to “forget.” You get to pick one to start without having to “acquire it” in story. When you shift it looks the same as a werewolf, except whatever you shift into. As always, Shapeshifting excludes clothing.

-You have the ability to soothe animals and keep them calm. This is useful for “acquiring” animals, particularly dangerous predators. This works only for a minute or two, so be quick.

-All were abilities.

Same as weres.

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