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Author Topic: NON-SW RP: Vampires.  (Read 507 times)
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« on: January 28, 2019, 03:24:46 PM »

Vampires are ďundeadĒ humans who feed on human blood to survive. Technically immortal, unless killed, although average lifespan is just under 300 years old. Itís a hard life, and they are not invincible. Vampires get more powerful as they ďage,Ē however like I just said, average lifespan is 300, most vampires will be under this age. Suicide rates are surprisingly high. I guess outliving all your friends and family by hundreds of years is a good way to become clinically depressed. Vampire society is also quite cut-throat, so vampire on vampire homicide is super common. When a vampire dies they turn into a pile of goo, unless killed by sun exposure, then itís a pile of ash.

Vampire Society:
Vampires form clans, which have different methods of initiation, depending on the clan. Each clan has a "King" or "Queen" who leads the clan. Bellow them are appointed "Knights." These are typically enforcers of the King's will. If the vampire in question has a "child"(a vampire who was turned by them), they would fall into a "Prince" or "Princess" type of role, including being next in line to inherit the clan leadership. A lover would be a king or queen depending on gender. The leaders are typically much older than average, and stronger, so I will appoint those positions to a player at some point. For now the King and his court are not going to be directly involved, so will be NPC'd, likely from a distance.

Above the king and queen is a council that basically gets to tell everyone what to do. These are ancient vampires, the first ones created. Only vampires know they exist however, and even most vampires aren't even sure if they exist or are just a fable. Only an appointed ruler would actual have met them in person.

Powers and abilities:
-Enhanced strength and speed.

-Retractable fangs.

-Advanced healing abilities.   

-Hypnosis. They can be very persuasive if they want you to do something. Requires direct eye contact to work. Not guaranteed however. Strong willed or powerful individuals will be able to resist. ďThe Force can have a strong will on the weak minded.Ē Will generally work on most humans however. Sunglasses interfere with this ability. Seems to be weaker on other supernaturals in general. Does not work on other vampires.

-Voice mimicry.

-Super attractive.

-Undead, so only things on the weakness list will kill them, however you may be injured.

Sunlight. Sunlight kills you. You slowly burn and disintegrate into a pile of ash.You are severely weakened and cannot use your powers in sunlight.
It is slow, it takes a few minutes, so you CAN get away/be rescued, but the further you are from indoors, the less likely. And windows donít stop it FYI, unless theyíre tinted to let very little or no light through.

-Most vampires sleep during the day, for this reason, but you are vulnerable(just like everyone else) while asleep. (Though sleep attacks are not common here, I thought Iíd mention it. Be fair.)

-Wooden stabbing implements to the heart.

-Garlic. Youíre allergic. It burns your skin, and weakens you. Negates powers. If you ingest more than a very small amount you die. Garlic is to vampires as silver is to weres.

-Severe head trauma/beheading.


-Must be verbally invited into a human home(this includes other non-vampire supernaturals). Invitation can be withdrawn at anytime, verbally.
When the invitation is withdrawn, you donít leave on your own, youíre ejected by a magical force.


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