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Author Topic: NON-SW RP: Fairies.  (Read 526 times)
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« on: January 28, 2019, 04:28:37 PM »

More accurately, fairy-human hybrids. Fairies are very mysterious. No one quite knows what they are, or what they look like. We do know however that they can breed with humans, and seem to regularly. These are hybrid children that seem to have a human appearance, and supernatural powers, which we can assume are fae in nature. However, most just refer to themselves as fairies or some prefer fae, especially male fairies. Fairies are extremely beautiful by conventional beauty standards.

Powers and abilities:
-Healing touch: Emit a healing light from their hands by holding it over a wound, healing it in a matter of seconds. You cannot heal yourself, however you can heal other fairies, and vice versa. Not all wounds can be healed, instantly lethal wounds definitely cannot be healed. Older wounds can be healed, however you can’t “heal someone back to life” if they are dead. This includes vampires. It seems that this can be “blocked” if the recipient does not wish to be healed. Doesn’t work on vampires, weres, or anyone else who is self-healing. Some effects of the wound will sometimes linger even after healing. If you're bleeding out, for instance, healing will close the wound and stop the bleeding, however you will still be quite weak and not 100%.

-Photokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate light.

-Can detect and influence emotions. This does not mean you can create an emotion if it’s not already there. Only feelings/emotions that are already there can be manipulated. Example; if you detect that a character is attracted to you, you can manipulate them into having an even BIGGER crush on you, or into….you know. If someone hates you, you can't manipulate those feelings into making them do 180 and liking you. Get creative, but don’t push it.

-Ability to see and communicate with spirits who reveal themselves to you.

Much like witches, you’re susceptible to human weaknesses as well. True fairies are immortal, but you got the shaft by being half human.

Fairy Blood:
Fairy blood, even part fairy's blood, has supernatural abilities. It's a healing agent, so can heal wounds through ingestion, in the absence of an actual fairy. This comes with side effects, however. Drinking too much will inebriate you, same as drinking too much alcohol or being high off other drugs. It technically IS a drug. It will effect everyone slightly differently, depending on the person and how much is ingested. It can take between 1-3 hours for the high to wear off, and some might experience "hangover" symptoms.


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