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Author Topic: Pubg Mobile: Sith Clan  (Read 337 times)
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« on: December 01, 2020, 06:57:33 PM »

I've decided to open up recruitment for my Clan in Pubg Mobile to see if anyone is interested in playing together. If you want info post here and let me know. For anyone who doesn't know already, it is an online multiplayer shooter style of game. Primarily battle royale, 1st or 3rd person, competitive and "realistic" combat game. You generally shoot at people, drive around in vehicles, and blow things up until it's the last man/team standing. I created a Sith based clan years ago, but most of the members aren't/weren't Star Wars fans so I'm trying to fix that. It is a free to play game (but obviously like most games it runs off wanting you to do micro transactions for outfits or whatever garbage, BUT you can just avoid that like I do). I find it a fun way to relax, but I'm willing to teach new players if seriously interested in trying it out. They also host holiday themed events throughout the year, and add different modes if you aren't about having a firefight 24/7.

1. Mobile (phone) game, I'm not recruiting on console versions.
2. It takes up a good bit of memory space to download at first, just letting you know up front.
3. I find it fun, addictively so, but of course you still run into hackers/cheaters every once in a while. So, they aren't everywhere but do show up sometimes.
4. It's an international game, anyone from any country can join the same Clan; and usually play together (except versions like Japan, too high tech I guess, seriously I tried)
5. I will add people if it makes sense, but reserve the right to kick out members. No creepy, harassment, cyber stalky, super vulgar, craziness or I'll just ban you anyway.
6. Clan bonuses increase with more members/activity so weekly and daily bonuses unlock faster/easier just having more people.

So that's all the info I could think of at the moment, any questions feel free to ask. It's always been a dream to fill the Clan with people who love SW (preferably Sith but could be flexible if Jedi want in) since it is a Sith themed Clan anyway. May the Force serve you well.

Dark Lords of the Sith have ruled collectively and individually for Millenia. One afraid to wield a power is ultimately unworthy of it. Ascendancy into the light has an apex, yet descent into the darkness is endless. The Dark Side can give or take anything, based on user strength. I claim the title of Darth Prodigal Dark Lord of the Sith as my own. Through pain, our Code, and right of combat it is mine; and so shall it be defended. Follow Darth Bane's wisdom. (Only Dark Side Points Preferred.)

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