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Author Topic: The FIFTH Video Rewards Program Is here!  (Read 17083 times)
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« on: January 25, 2021, 08:26:18 PM »

It's no secret that we have always depended greatly on the support from you guys to keep going.  Without you guys telling all your friends how awesome your Ultrasabers are and posting glowing reviews on the forums and Facebook and spreading the Ultrasabers love, we wouldn't be here.  So thanks for the support, we greatly appreciate it.  And now we want to reward you guys for that support. 

Starting 01/21/2021 Ultrasabers will be giving 300 Rewards Points (or more!) to customers for qualifying video reviews posted on!

Welcome to the

>> Effective immediately, The Fourth Program is over! Any video submission from here on will be considered an entry into the FIFTH Video Review Rewards Program<<

The first four Review Programs went marvelously.  Thank you all for your participation!  We're excited to get the Fifth Review Program under way, and as a way of saying thank you again to you guys, and giving everyone an opportunity to snatch up a few more reward points: all those who participated in the FOURTH Review Program will get be awarded an additional 100 points for participating in the new Fifth Review program!  Basically, if you submitted a video for the Fourth Program then you get 400 points instead of 300.

BUT WAIT there is more.  As an incentive to make the most awesome review video, we are giving an additional 200 bonus points to any video that is submitted AND is selected to be included as a feature video on our site for the listing of the reviewed hilt model.  Basically if we believe your review is awesome enough to be a feature video for one of our sabers, boom, extra 200 points for you on top of the points you already get for the review video submission.
Ready to get started?
Here are the rules for the FIFTH Video Review Rewards program:
1. This must be a new video and a new review created and posted to youtube after 01/21/2021
2. Each video can only get the 300 (or 400 for repeat offenders) reward points one time.
3. Videos must be posted on Youtube (since only Youtube videos are allowed on
4. Videos must be included in a review for an Ultrasaber that is posted on
5. The 300 (or 400 for Program 4 participants) reward points will only be rewarded one time per customer ID
6. Reward points are non-transferable
7. Unboxing videos that do not also include feedback and a review of the Ultrasaber will not be considered eligible for the Review Reward program.
8. Videos must feature an Ultrasaber, have "Ultrasabers" in the title, and not be unlisted.
9. You MUST email the link to your review video posted on  to so we can check it out!  Please be sure to include the email address registered to so that we can pull up your account and get your points assigned!

Other than that just have fun and tell everyone how awesome your Ultrasaber is!!!  We've seen custom soundfonts installed on Obsidian Soundboards! MHS Parts being mixed and matched! Awesome settings for Emerald Drivers and Diamond Controllers- the list goes on!  And don't forget the 200 bonus points if your video is selected as a feature video on the Ultrasabers website.  Let's see some awesome video submissions.  It doesn't matter if there are already six reviews up for The Archon v3.1 or six reviews up for the Sentinel LE v5, make yours the seventh!  Don't be discouraged, we want to hear from YOU too.

Again- After you make your video and post your review on please email us at with:

1. A hyperlink to the review that is posted on with the video in it and
2. Your customer ID OR your email address registered to 

We will email you back to let you know if your review qualifies or not and if it does we will immediately add the 300 reward points (or 400 for Program 4 participants) to you account!

It's an exciting time to be an Ultrasabers fan, free reward points, big sales, giveaways, new sabers, fun stuff!!!

Emory "Deep" Harris

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