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Author Topic: Warrior Monk / Hermit costume.  (Read 246 times)
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« on: February 16, 2021, 12:07:33 AM »

Hi all I am going to make a warrior monk / hermit costume and i am looking for advice.

Here is the backstory so far of the character I'm creating.

Azriel Maledictus was a Jedi Knight who was sent along with his Padawan to protect a village from marauders. His Padawan is killed during a battle and in a rage Azriel unleashes a massive force blast with not only kills the marauders but completely wipes out the village as well. He buries his Padawan and the villagers and exiles himself. During his exile he combines his lightsaber along with his Padawan's to create the “Shattered Destiny”. He becomes a warrior monk hermit keeping out of way of the outside world. Eventually Azriel decides he must atone for his slaughter at the village and rejoins the world to battle the dark side in all its forms.

Here are a couple of pictures I got off Pinterest of costume ideas I like.

I'm thinking of making this costume from scratch where would I get patterns for monk robes? what sort of fabric should I use?

I was also thinking of making some bracers and a chest plate, what would the best material to use for a beginner? I assume foam would be the ideal material for a beginner?
Can you download patterns for armor? If so where from?

I was also thinking of adding the colour scheme for the Shattered Destiny into the costume what are peoples thoughts on this?

Any additional tips or tricks would be greatly welcome.

I can't wait to start making my own costumes.

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Korriban Armory Chief, Sith Mage, Hybrid Sith...

« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 08:22:39 AM »

Terribly interesting, and a nice blend of tragedy and redemption. Nice potential, and room for growth. I'll ponder how I may provide helpful input, but will also watch this with piqued interest. I do often enjoy hermits and sages. Additionally respecting DIY initiative and craft. That is a great lightsaber duo, so it'd be a very classy base palate for color options.

If I may make some vague suggestions to start:
Since it's been a "long" exile, perhaps a more worn/tattered look (or even "lived in") could be called for with the outfit. The armor possibly weathered, fabrics a bit torn or faded, perhaps some more natural elements incorporated into it's design, or even some things obviously "mended or patched" with found items or bits of cloth from other pieces. In this way some of the hand crafted nature need not be "perfect" and some obvious/intentional stitching and such could add to the feel?

I like the wanderer or reclusive sage vibe... so some elements would depend on what environment he was secluded in or wandering through. Dusty planets require different protections/garments than rainy or humid environs. Heat vs cold. You could plan it partially around your own local climate's predominant weather patterns, the time(s) of year or places you may choose to wear it, or purely base it off of whatever planet you prefer... But of course extended duration wear (say at a convention/gathering) in improper conditions or filled with "collective body heat" generated around could get uncomfortable if you dressed for planet Hoth.

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« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2021, 08:01:51 PM »

what a great project! You can still utilize traditional Jedi garb for what you propose. The key is to look into weathering and degrading the fabric. You will want your gear to look beaten up and basically lived in 24/7 down to your saber.

For armor, Eva foam works (find my Sith WIP post in this category to see my journey thus far)

You can find patterns in lots of places. Look up Kamui Cosplay and Evil Ted Smith. Etsy is also a place to find lots of patterns. Also RPF and Pepakura files (basically just Google yourself down a good rabbit hole)

What ideas are you considering for your armor pieces ? I could guide you better with some concepts in mind.

Welcome to a fun new world!

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