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Author Topic: Yasuke | Netflix  (Read 759 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2021, 04:01:03 AM »

Donnie Yen is hands down one of the most legit martial arts actors of all time. He seems like an all around genuinely good guy too. I assume he broke Tyson’s finger on the set of Ip Man 3. lol. Classic.
I really like Hiroyuki Sanada as well. I’m going to just assume that if I know it y’all do to at this point but did you know that he was Sony Chiba’s protege? I knew there was something I liked about him when I first saw him in The last Samurai and it was obvious that he had a martial arts background. He was also great in The Twighlight Samurai.

Yes, and I also saw somewhere that Tyson himself said he would be worried if he had to fight Yen in a real match as his speed and strength was incredible. 

I did know Sanada was Chiba's protégé.  I also agree about The Last Samurai....I noticed his movements were much more precise and structured compared to the was quite obvious he knew what he was doing.  Much like the first time I saw Episode I..... it was clear to me the guy playing Darth Maul knew what he was doing (of course I went on to become a fan of Ray)

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