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Author Topic: LordDesann's first review  (Read 1287 times)
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Is that your friend in the woodchipper?!!

« on: February 17, 2011, 01:35:11 PM »

For the first time, I've taken the liberty of making a review with the latest saber that arrived into my family. The AEON!!! (DADADUMMM!!)  Cheesy

I've ordered the Aeon almost three weeks ago, and i am definitely satistified with the shipping (however, due to the fact that there was major snow storm in the atlantic, the shipping was delayed, however, i was sure that it would arrive soon) The Purolator truck came in front of my house, and as i saw the man with the long carboard box heading towards my door, i smiled and knew that my saber was here!!

And know for the review, no pics for now, will have to learn one day to take- and post those countless photos.  Grin

First impression

1 . Noticed that once again, they provided batteries without my request, i like that!

2. With the countless styrofoam chips flying everywhere as i sliced open the box, i smiled and gazed upon the beautiful (but cold) hilt. My heart felt the warmth that i've haven't had in a while. (Mainly because of the snowstorm and frankly i was in my pajamas. LOL!!)

3. The Guardian Blue, is amazing, when the lights are out, and its pitch black, Its just SOOO BRIGHT!!! thats a awseome 10/10.

4. The hilt itself, great, amazing design, a little hard at first to decide how to swing the saber with my reversed grip Shien. But i eventually found a comforting position.

5. The durability, in my opinion, is more durable than the three other PVC hilts that i've ordered in the past. And i've frankly accidentally dropped it once and i get very paranoid regarding damaging the LED, but its very'm still impressed as of today. LOL!! Nice job Ultrasabers!!


1. When i swing the hilt itself, the LED comes out, i wasnt sure if it was normal, but i just put the retention screw back in and it was ok.

2. The screw itself seems to make a small dent everytime i reattach the blade, just worried that i would have to buy more blades in the near future, but right now, no biggy.

In conclusion, i must say that the saber has once again passed my expectations!! I am, as always, pleased to buy from Ultrasabers, Thank you for the wonderful product Ultra, Deep.

Merci Beaucoup mes amies, (Thank you my friends!)


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