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Author Topic: Phantasm Initiate V3 Review  (Read 1486 times)
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« on: January 26, 2012, 12:52:43 AM »

The Great: Web site is well done, no problems with selecting items, etc. Shipping was incredible - I got my first purchase within days, not weeks or longer. Package arrived safely - all items ordered were included - nothing missing.

The Good: This saber is two Initiate V3 LE sabers joined together. I ordered both a standard (no sound) coupler and the coupler with vents. The vented coupler is cool because it lets the sound through, the standard coupler is cool because it hides the join of the two units. I will use the no sound coupler when I have the blades off for display. I got pretty much what I expected. The sabers feel great (metal is nice!) and the power on/flash on clash/flashing lockup/power off (sound is great) all work great. I got both blades configured the same way - guardian blue/FoC Red. Illuminated power button (blue) is cool.

The not so good: The ring that sits between the illuminated power button and the saber body is loose on both sabers. This causes a rattle when sparing.

All things considered this is a really cool product and I'm happy with it. All I need to do now is figure out which model I want to buy next...

As a side note, two good additions to the Ultra Saber line up would be:
A belt clip for those sabers with the covertec wheel
A stand to display the units on

I opted for the Initiate size blades, and although they feel a bit short when the sabers are used as individuals, it feels great when the two are combined into a staff.

GB Phantasm (2xInitiate V3 LE), RGB Raven, RGB Dark War Glaive, CG Dominix V3, DVA Archon V2, BR Dark Shock, CG Manticore, CG Dark Liberator V3, SY Graflex CE, AS Prophecy V3, AB Initiate V2, Em Chosen One, TCG Lost Grey, Diamond Menace CE pair, TCG Fulcrum, TGB Archon V3, VA Electrum Wind, Diamond Dominicide

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